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  • Introduction

    There are two important pieces to classroom technology integration, professional development and technical support. Having the necessary skills to use technology isn't helpful when the technology doesn't work, and vise-versa, having technology isn't useful when you can't apply it to your classroom.


    Remember, if you aren't sure where you need support, call the Help Desk at 4674 or email

  • I need professional development...

    I want to learn more about using technology in the classroom...


    There is no shortage of technology in today's classroom, which means there is no end to the possible support you may need as an educator. From Smartboards to PowerTeacher Gradebook, we are all at different levels in our integration of technology.


    Visit our About section to learn more about professional development and how to contact staff.







    For Classroom Technology:


    Mark Richards - Grades 7-12

    Craig Barbour - Grades P-6

    For iNSchool Support:


    Doug Jackson (PowerSchool)

    Rebecca Franklin (TIENET)

  • I need technical assistance ...

    Place a work order with your school technician...


    It is important for your school technician to know when your school or classroom technology is not working properly or you need service. Our technicians work on a work order system that can be placed through the options below:


    1) Place a Work Order Online


    2) Call 4674 or email to place a work order

  • I need assistance with a password or login ...


    Call the AVRSB Help Desk at 4674 or 538-4674 if you are outside of school





    Remember all PowerSchool/PowerTeacher passwords must be reset at the school. They cannot be reset by phone or email.


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