Health and Wellness

The increasing use of technology can also have an impact on our bodies and minds. Many would point to excessive use of technology as contributing to a sedentary lifestyle that can contribute to health issues. Others are concerned about the amount of time students spend in front of a screen and have even considered using the term ‘addiction’ with tools such as the Internet or video games.

It is important to remind ourselves, and students, that technology is simply a tool that provides access to information, allows us to be more productive, and provides some entertainment value. It is, however, something that needs to be balanced with other aspects of our lives. Technology as a tool should augment our lives, not define it.

It is hard to measure the impact of sedentary behaviour due to technology use, as the nature of technology and the way we digest it is constantly changing. However, we do know that students need be active and they need to be aware of how their choices may impact their long-term health. Aside from increased screen time, we must also be aware of the effects of technology-use on our body in terms of repetitive movements, posture, eye strain, and sleeping patterns.

Increased Screen Time Leads to Inactivity

“Right now, kids are spending over 40 hours a week in front of screens,” says Dr. Mark Tremblay, Chief Scientific Officer, Active Healthy Kids Canada. “These alarming numbers equate to a very sedentary child, so we must transform the after‐school hours into healthy, active living time.”

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