Ethics and Etiquette

When we think about the partnership between the education system and the home, it is to help prepare children to be citizens in our community. We focus on the collective rights and responsibilities that we all live by as a society and we build the skills and knowledge students need to thrive. With the use of technology now deeply embedded in our society, it is important to expand our definition of citizenship to include digital citizenship.

Many of the issues with technology that we hear about, such as cyberbullying or digital piracy, stem from a lack of awareness around our collective rights and responsibilities in the digital world. The use of technology has added a new layer of responsibility to prepare students with everything from online ethics to proper digital etiquette.

Ethics and etiquette cover a range of topics, such as:

  • - Copyright at home and school
  • - Respecting the privacy of others
  • - Appropriate use of technology in public and good manners
  • - Proper 'Netiquette' when using communications tools, such as instant messaging and email
  • - Knowledge around how the law applies to our digital activities

The values and beliefs that we have as a community should be enforced in the home and school. Applying these to the digital world is not always easy as the technology changes so quickly. However, it is evident that society is reacting with the introduction of new laws and policies, such as the Copyright Modernization Act or rules around the use of cell phones in public places.


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Did You Know?

—"33% of the 20 million minors who actively used Facebook (ca. 7.5 million users) were younger than 13 and not supposed to be able to use the site"

ConsumerReports - 2011



Something to Watch

The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

Read this short article "Raising a Digital Child" for a quick overview of the nine elements of digital citizenship as defined by the International Society of Technology Education. These elements are a foundation of skills and values that all citizens, not just students, need to have in a digital society.